Hunting for tahr in the New Zealand mountains – a hunting story

After my first hunting trip to South Africa in 2009 coordinated directly with the outfitter, I was very keen to travel again, on an even wilder adventure! So nothing could have been more convenient than when my good hunting buddy called and suggested we gave New Zealand a go. I was more than ready!  Read more »

A hunting report from the Scottish ‘Alps’!

My first hunting trip coordinated directly with the outfitter to Scotland was a total success. Everything lived up to, and even surpassed my expectations. The adventure involved hunting female red deer in the Scottish Highlands.
The hunt took place on the west coast, where the landscape Read more »

Hunting in South Africa – Where dreams come true!

Many hunters believe that hunting in South Africa is exclusively for the rich and adventurous. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is often easier and cheaper to organise a hunting trip to South Africa than to many other destinations Read more »

Outfitter Per Jacobsen, Viking Guides in New Zealand

New Zealand and its Tolkien-inspired landscape are a total adrenaline fix and a world-class hunting area for anyone in search of the ultimate hunting adventure.

“Most of the others are all about providing big trophies. What I focus on is adventure – hunting adventure. Here, you are not only hunting; you’re having an adventure too.   Read more »

Hybrid – the stalking guide’s day off

By: Jason Doyle, works as a hunting guide for John Fenton, Ireland.

As a stalking guide the opportunities to grass a beast myself are surprisingly infrequent. During the rut all my time is taken up with clients and most of our hind cull is also completed by guests. Read more »

Arub Safaris – an outfitter in Namibia

Arub Safaris Ranch is a privately owned game ranch in Khomas Hockland, Namibia. Some people might argue that the ranch is located in the middle of the wilderness. But if you are a hunter and maybe even a novice African hunter, then you have come to the right place. Look in one direction and you see rolling mountains. Turn your head and you see

Read more »

Outfitter portrait of John “Sika” Fenton

In the heart of the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, a good hour’s drive south of Dublin, you will find the man who is a legend in his field. This man is John “Sika” Fenton. His reputation in the field of sika hunting is unique. Read more »

Hunting in New Zealand – a hunter’s paradise

When, during the 19th and 20th centuries, they released into the wild countless species of game (including cloven-hoofed animals) from all over the world, they laid the foundation for what today has to be considered a hunting paradise on Earth. Read more »

14-year-old twins go hunting in South Africa

We received this short hunting report from a PH, Peter Olesen. It is about two extremely young hunters. They may be newcomers to the game, but now they certainly have a lot of experience. The two twins visited Two Waters Safaris in South Africa. Read more »

The best hunting trip destinations for first-time traveling hunters

You can find all your dream hunting destinations in ‘your own back garden’, so to speak. Thanks to the digitalization of our modern world, a high command of languages by just about all outfitters in the world and easy access to independent references, it is just as easy to book a hunting trip directly at the destination Read more »

Tips for maintaining your hunting knife

To tell the truth, maintaining a hunting knife has never interested me very much. Maybe because I have never really worried about my knives, all of which, without exception, have either been cheap or free knives that came as part of a promotion. For this reason, I never really cared when a blade broke, or if I lost a knife during a hunt Read more »

Outfitter Portrait, Mogwadiri Hunting Safaris

A hunting day starts before sunrise with coffee and breakfast. We then drive out to the hunting district while it is still dark. As the sun is rising – the most beautiful time of the day – we drive around and get a sense of nature waking up. Once we have spotted the animals, the hunting starts. Walk and stalk.
Read more »

Portrait of the outfitter, Luis Berga in Majorca, Spain

Booking a hunt with the Spaniard, Luis Berga, provides you with excellent options for combining hunting with a family holiday, blue pools and exquisite paella. Luis is the only outfitter on the Rainsford Hunting portal to provide hunting adventures on the Mediterranean island of Majorca. Read more »

Eton Kids – An excellent set of children’s hunting clothes from Seeland

Having your children with you on a hunting trip is always a great experience, both for the child and the adult, but a positive experience can soon turn negative, if the weather turns bad and the children get wet and cold. In that case, most youngsters will quickly be reaching for their PlayStations, which was not really the point of the trip. Read more »

Outfitter portrait – Argentina Dreams

Only three hours after touchdown in Buenos Aries International Airport (Aéroport international Ezeiza), you find yourself in one of the best areas in Argentina for pigeon shooting: Enter River. Read more »

Tahr hunting in New Zealand – close on the heels of a huge tahr bull!

Most well-travelled hunters will definitely agree that hunting tahrs on your own in the unfamiliar New Zealand mountains is not the easiest form of hunting in the world. This was also my point of view, not to mention my experience, when on an April day in 2013 I grabbed my friend Peter Dam’s ravaged Tikka T3 270 win and Read more »

Outfitter portrait: North Safari in Greenland

“I want customers to get a personal and unique experience, precisely tailored to their requirements. That’s why I believe a close discussion with customers, either by email or on the phone, is crucial.” That is how Thomas Olsen approaches his customers. The outfitter of North Safari in Greenland constantly strives to provide wonderful experiences. Read more »

Outfitter portrait: Kridera Hunting in Bulgaria

Our outfitter in Bulgaria, Denica Nenkova, holds a Master’s degree in Economic Management from the University of Varna in Bulgaria. Today she runs the outfitter company, Kridera Hunting, but, on finishing her studies, she started in the family’s real estate company, while at the same time being involved in the Bulgarian tourist industry. Read more »

10 invaluable tips for successful elk hunting in Sweden

Sit still and shut up!” This is somewhat simplistic, but it is sound Swedish hunting advice, if you want to pass the elk test.

For a little elaboration in terms of succeeding at elk hunting and for a few more tips, we spoke to the Swede, Torulf Anderson. Read more »

Bird shooting in England

The lively Cocker spaniel whips through the damp thickets of willow and alder. The rotating motions of its tail shows that it is on the scent. Your grip on the butt of your shotgun tightens slightly. You concentrate on the dog’s signals. It increases its tempo and in the next instant a long-tailed pheasant cock blusters towards the clear frosty sky. Read more »

Intense rut hunting for sika stags in Ireland

In October, hunting for the elusive, almost mythical sika stags starts in earnest. Whether you pursue them in the Wicklow Mountains or the magnificent countryside of Kerry, you are guaranteed to experience some premier league hunting! Read more »

8 wild seconds – a report from a sika stag hunt in Ireland

By Andreas of Rainsford Hunting.

The hunt I am about to take you on takes place in the Wicklow Mountains in the east of Ireland. It is January. The year is 2012. I am hunting with John “Sika” Fenton, who is regarded as one of the leaders in Europe when it comes to sika stag hunting. Read more »

World-class pigeon shooting in Argentina

The alarm clock rings, but for once you do not have to get up and see the children off to school. Nor do you have to tear off to get to work on time. The grumpy boss and the traffic jam on the motorway are far away. Insanely far away. My body responds rapidly and puts the hot-tempered alarm clock to sleep. Read more »

Get the best out of your trophy photos – 11 tips for a perfect trophy photograph

For many travelling hunters, a classic trophy photo is almost on a par with the trophy itself as a memory of a hunting trip. But it is only within minutes of bagging the trophy that you have a chance to immortalise the circumstances surrounding your trophy. You cannot have another go at shooting the perfect trophy photo once the animal has been skinned and taken away. Read more »

Hunting gear for moose and bear hunting in North America

One of the prerequisites for getting the best experience out of a hunting trip is making sure that the gear you take is suitable for the form of hunting, the weather and other conditions on the trip. So here is a comprehensive list of gear for any hunting trip to North America. Read more »

Hunting gear for African hunting trips

One of the prerequisites for getting the best experience out of a hunting trip is making sure that the gear you take is suitable for the form of hunting, the weather and other conditions on the trip. So here is a comprehensive list of gear for any hunting trip to Africa. Read more »

The best (and worst) airlines for hunting trips

Travelling with weapons is not always easy and there is often a huge difference when it comes to service on board and the standard of the aircraft. Bureaucracy, time consumption, excess baggage and fees are often typical factors at the start of a hunting trip. We will try and spare you them. Read more »

The mouflon

The European wild sheep, which is thought to be an ancestor of domestic sheep, was previously found mostly in Central Europe. Due to intensive hunting, Cyprus and Sardinia are now the remaining areas with large stocks of wild sheep. Read more »

The feral goat

In Ireland and Scotland there are wild goats that live in wild, in their own reproducing populations. They thrive by being out in the open, raw mountain landscapes, as these two countries are known for. Read more »

The capercaillie

The capercaillie belongs to the grouse family, but stands out from other game birds just on its size. The male can reach a size of up to 100 cm and weigh up to 6.5 kg. The female is significantly smaller compared to the male. Read more »

The musk ox

The musk ox, Ovibos moschatus Wardi, like other animals such as the walrus and polar bear, give trophy hunters good reason to visit the artic regions of our planet.

The musk ox as a wild species

The muskox, which actually isn’t an ox, but rather a relative of sheep and goat, is mainly found in Read more »

Pigeon shooting in Ireland – a hunting report

A hunting report by Andreas about one of his many hunting trips to Ireland.

There is a thin layer of frost covering the open field. Steven looks up at the sky and feels the wind. He then goes on to empty his rucksack, which, miraculously Read more »

A report of a driven hunt for boar in Sweden

The Norwegian elkhound, Buck, is released and this will prove to be the first time he succeeds in getting a boar out in the open to be shot. It’s not long after the dog’s owner, Magnus Karlson has released the Norwegian elkhound before it latches onto the scent of the boars. Read more »

Tip: Go on a hunting trip while you can!

Over the past 20 years I have been on hunting trips to more than 20 countries on 5 continents.

As so often happens to people who gain a lot of experience in a certain area, I have also come to realise that the more I experience and learn, the more I find out that there are a lot of things I don’t know. Read more »

Hunting in Hungary – the Africa of Europe

All countries have their own personalities, characteristic scenery and special wildlife. They are all unique in their own ways; nevertheless, they still have small parts that remind you of other countries’ sounds, smells and feelings. Read more »

Wild boar hunting in Hungary – a hunting report

There are still a couple of hours until sunset when Niels Dahlin Lisborg and hunting guide Stanislav leave the car to stalk wild boar on one of the many feeding places in the the hunting district. The hunting district is known for its dense wild boar population and low hunting pressure. The combination of these two factors means that Read more »

The world’s biggest Ssese Island sitatunga!

It’s common knowledge that fishermen rarely know any bounds when telling a story – especially a story about a fish that they did NOT catch.

The same goes for hunters in the trophy hunter circles – although, subjectively, this happens to a much lesser extent. Read more »

Musk ox hunting in Greenland – a hunting report

“When it comes to musk ox hunting, there is an abundance of trophy-size males in our hunting district,” says the outfitter, Thomas Olsen of North Safari in Greenland, emphasising how pleased he was to see a wonderful herd of females and calves on the mountains too. According to the outfitter, this observation confirms that the population seems to be in a good state of health. Read more »

When the unexpected surprises of a hunting trip turn into a fantastic adventure

Jacques Spindler is an experienced hunter, particularly experienced in self-organised hunting trips. In this report he describes one of his probably most extreme hunting trips coordinated directly with the outfitter to the culturally and geographically very remote country of Kyrgyzstan. And he explains why it was these factors that made it the most amazing experience. Read more »

Bow hunting musk ox in Greenland

A hunting report by Thomas of Rainsford Hunting

The terrain below the soles of my Meindl boots is swampy and the grass is still a little wet from last night’s snowfall. The wind is still harsh, but not like earlier in the day when it was almost unbearable. Read more »

Härkila Pro Hunter jacket review

Review by Andreas of Rainsford Hunting.

You cannot compromise when it comes to equipment! It’s probably a phrase that most people have heard in various situations. When it comes to hunting, it could not be truer. You cannot compromise when it comes to equipment! It is such a shame when Read more »

Testing the Viper Flex shooting stick

The test of the Viper Flex shooting stick made by Andreas of Rainsford Hunting on a hunting trip to Ireland.

The first time I saw the Viper shooting stick was at the hunting fair in Hillerød in April 2013. But it is one thing Read more »

Review – the Meindl Dovre Extreme boots

Review by Thomas of Rainsford Hunting.

It’s been many years since I bought my first pair of Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX, and I was not the happiest hunter on earth … for the first three weeks at least.

The boots were like bricks on my feet. They felt Read more »

Testing Härkila Stealth hunting clothes

The test was conducted in cooperation with Morten Vestergaard Knudsen of GoHunting.dk. This is an extract.

Over many years I have tried many sets of hunting clothes, especially for stalking, as I am a big fan of this type of hunting. The sets of clothes I have had has worked fairly well, at least if you take a look at my trophy wall. Read more »

Testing Fjällräven Keb trousers

After being very conservative in regards to my choice of trousers, I decided to try something new in the summer of 2013. Instead of the – for me at least – safe choice of Fjällräven’s Greenland trousers, I decided to test the slightly more advanced, but still presentable Keb trousers. Read more »