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Hunting for tahr in the New Zealand mountains – a hunting story

After my first hunting trip to South Africa in 2009 coordinated directly with the outfitter, I was very keen to travel again, on an even wilder adventure! So nothing could have been more convenient than when my good hunting buddy called and suggested we gave New Zealand a go. I was more than ready!  Read more »

A hunting report from the Scottish ‘Alps’!

My first hunting trip coordinated directly with the outfitter to Scotland was a total success. Everything lived up to, and even surpassed my expectations. The adventure involved hunting female red deer in the Scottish Highlands.
The hunt took place on the west coast, where the landscape Read more »

Hunting in South Africa – Where dreams come true!

Many hunters believe that hunting in South Africa is exclusively for the rich and adventurous. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is often easier and cheaper to organise a hunting trip to South Africa than to many other destinations Read more »

Outfitter Per Jacobsen, Viking Guides in New Zealand

New Zealand and its Tolkien-inspired landscape are a total adrenaline fix and a world-class hunting area for anyone in search of the ultimate hunting adventure.

“Most of the others are all about providing big trophies. What I focus on is adventure – hunting adventure. Here, you are not only hunting; you’re having an adventure too.   Read more »

Hybrid – the stalking guide’s day off

By: Jason Doyle, works as a hunting guide for John Fenton, Ireland.

As a stalking guide the opportunities to grass a beast myself are surprisingly infrequent. During the rut all my time is taken up with clients and most of our hind cull is also completed by guests. Read more »

Arub Safaris – an outfitter in Namibia

Arub Safaris Ranch is a privately owned game ranch in Khomas Hockland, Namibia. Some people might argue that the ranch is located in the middle of the wilderness. But if you are a hunter and maybe even a novice African hunter, then you have come to the right place. Look in one direction and you see rolling mountains. Turn your head and you see

Read more »

Outfitter portrait of John “Sika” Fenton

In the heart of the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, a good hour’s drive south of Dublin, you will find the man who is a legend in his field. This man is John “Sika” Fenton. His reputation in the field of sika hunting is unique. Read more »

Hunting in New Zealand – a hunter’s paradise

When, during the 19th and 20th centuries, they released into the wild countless species of game (including cloven-hoofed animals) from all over the world, they laid the foundation for what today has to be considered a hunting paradise on Earth. Read more »

14-year-old twins go hunting in South Africa

We received this short hunting report from a PH, Peter Olesen. It is about two extremely young hunters. They may be newcomers to the game, but now they certainly have a lot of experience. The two twins visited Two Waters Safaris in South Africa. Read more »

The best hunting trip destinations for first-time traveling hunters

You can find all your dream hunting destinations in ‘your own back garden’, so to speak. Thanks to the digitalization of our modern world, a high command of languages by just about all outfitters in the world and easy access to independent references, it is just as easy to book a hunting trip directly at the destination Read more »

Tips for maintaining your hunting knife

To tell the truth, maintaining a hunting knife has never interested me very much. Maybe because I have never really worried about my knives, all of which, without exception, have either been cheap or free knives that came as part of a promotion. For this reason, I never really cared when a blade broke, or if I lost a knife during a hunt Read more »

Outfitter Portrait, Mogwadiri Hunting Safaris

A hunting day starts before sunrise with coffee and breakfast. We then drive out to the hunting district while it is still dark. As the sun is rising – the most beautiful time of the day – we drive around and get a sense of nature waking up. Once we have spotted the animals, the hunting starts. Walk and stalk.
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Portrait of the outfitter, Luis Berga in Majorca, Spain

Booking a hunt with the Spaniard, Luis Berga, provides you with excellent options for combining hunting with a family holiday, blue pools and exquisite paella. Luis is the only outfitter on the Rainsford Hunting portal to provide hunting adventures on the Mediterranean island of Majorca. Read more »